Solidarity Campaign: Constitutional Complaint against ESM, Fiscal Compact, StabMechG, accompanying laws, and “little Treaty Change”

Our network partner Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing and Volker Reusing (unser Politikblog) have filed complaints against 8 legal acts (2 of these complaints already running), i. a. Against ESM, Fiscal Compact, and StabMechG. Our network explicitely supports this campaign, because they are very far-reaching and comprehensive, and we call upon all people, organizations, and political parties, who are worried about freedom, self-determination, and the future of their children and grand children, to do the same, and to spread and make known this campaign.

Show your solidarity with your voice for Hassel-Reusing ‚ s constitutional complaints. These complaints do not only focus on the democracy principle, but especially on the violations of our basic rights and human rights, which are predeterminated by these enabling laws (ESM and Fiscal Compact) and this spare enabling law (StabMechG), because these mechanisms are bound to the so-calles „IMF practice“, which ignores basic and human rights.

The most important aim is to prevent, that the EU and unelected bodies get a grip on und plunder our democracy and our social system in order to save „systemic banks“, that they destroy social achievements of the last 100 years, and that our freedoms, basic, and human rights are transferred to unelected and not out-votable institutions. In addition to that, the complaints demand the crossing over of powers with the people by means of plebiscites as a corrective, which are already included in art. 20 par. 2 Basic Law and in the documents of the Parliamentary Council from 1949 (Dokumenten des Parlamentarischen Rates 1949 ). This is an effective means to ensure, that a policy outflanking the needs of the German population and of the European peoples, as it is being practiced up to now, cannot be continued.

Further pieces of information:

  • here a short explanation of the complaints as pdf Klage ESM Hassel-Reusing.

  • here again for your information, the already filed (at the 06.04.2012) complaint ( Klageauskoppelung) against the spare enabling law EFSF and StabMechG, we have already reported on it here (hier.)

  • The main an complete charge will be at the day of the parliamentary voting on the ESM and the Fiscal Compact, presumably at the 29.06.2012 (voting at Bundestag and Bundesrat) published and downloadable here as pdf. It is over 700 pages long and will be represented before the Constitutional Court by Hassel-Reusings herself. We do only campaign for your solidarity and explicitely not for any donations. The showing of solidarity does not contain any accession to the complaints (You only support these complaints and are in no was liable for your solidarity !).

Below 1 film, which inform you, against what the complaints are directed; in the column on the right side of this web page, you find 2 films, which inform you, what is included in the ESM, und to which results this would lead…

And the further pieces of closer information and important documents for you:

Volker Reusing explains at Berlin at a demonstration before the Reichstag the complaints, and why they are filing their complaints

One can predict, that the Federal Government will organize anything, in order to make sure the signature of the President under the laws (consenting to respectively accompanying) the treaties soon after the voting in Bundestag and Bundesrat, and to make sure their published in the official publication paper Bundesanzeiger. In addition to that, the danger is impending, that after the “pushing through” of ESM and Co., they want to change or even replace the Basic Law. There are already voices demanding this. This is the reason, why we have decided, to start our solidarity already today, and to publish here this support tool.

Federal President Joachim Gauck has been informed after his assumption of office, that there will be filed complaints (700 pages A4), 9 applications for interim injunction against the President, and 19 applications for interim injunction against Federal Government, Bundestag, and Bundesrat. The Constitutional Court has already been informed in advance in the middle of June, that these applications for interim injunction would come. The reason for the information in advance is the extremely short time between parliamentary voting and the planned ratification at the 01.07.2012, in a dead of night action. This way, comprehensive complaints would not have been checked.

Here a recent news at 21.06.2012 from the Constitutional Court: Federal President Gauck has been asked not to ratify immediately ( Bundespräsident Gauck wurde gebeten nicht sofort zu ratifizieren.) A first success !

  • We want to inform you, that there are initiatives, whose aim is only directed to plebiscites on Fiscal Compact, ESM and Co. Especially in view of the already happened referendum at Ireland in favour of the Fiscal Compact, we are warning, that the violation of basic rights of human rights CANNOT be healed by means of a plebiscite ! Plebiscites do not replace the constitutional investigation of basic rights and of human rights, and especially at Germany a plebiscite to outflank basic and human rights must not be established, because human dignity and democracy are inviolable (eternity guarantee, art. 79 par. 3 Basic Law 79.3 GG). In art. 1 par. 2 Basic Law (Artikel 1Ábs.2 ), the German people confesses itself to invulnerable and inalienable human rights as the basis of any human community, of peace, and of justice in the world. All public powers are bound to them !

The violations of basic rights, of human rights, and of human dignity, can only be healed by a court, by sound legislation, by legislative, executive, judicative, within the rule of the law and / or by plebiscites in addition to the investigation of the basic and human rights violations !

A plebiscite, which outflanks the investigation of the basic and human rights violations, heals nothing and even opens the door for the violations of basic and human rights to come.

We will further inform you on our website at any time on the status of the solidarization. Representatives of media of the Netzwerk Volksentscheid will be present, which complaints soever will be heared before the Constitutional Court.

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ESM complaint – We declare our solidarity!

You declare your solidarity with the complaints of Sarah Luzia-Hassel-Reusing before the Constitutional Court. Especially against ESM, Fiscal Compact, StabMechG, accompanying laws, and “little treaty change”.

The declaration of solidarity does not contain any accession to the complaints (You only support these complaints and are not liable for this !).

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